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This Week's Découvertes: Camping and living a meaningful life

Here are some of the things that have inspired us, simplified our lives or just made us smile this past week! 

  1. We’re going on a little camping trip this weekend for Father’s Day.  You can find some many great sites on this website.  We’re going to a cute little campground a few hours outside the city that's right by a vineyard... just in case the kids don't sleep and we need something to help us through the night! :)   We're planning bigger camping trips with the kids in the future.  How amazing does this site and this site look!   

  2. This letter is a beautiful read.   Some of the most thoughtful advice on finding purpose and living a meaningful life. 

  3. LA peeps! Our friends at Monroe Workshop  are having a warehouse sale.  Wish we were in LA to shop it.   We've been eyeing this adorable rocking horse.


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