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This Week's Decouvertes: Beach Bound (rain or shine)

Sending a little extra love your way.  Thank you, Elmo
  • We're going to the beach for the holiday weekend and while the weather is unfortunately looking a little gray and rainy, I'm looking forward to slowing down for a few days and enjoying the fresh salty air with some good friends.  

    I just picked up a few new craft kits for the kids this week (currently all 30% off!) which we'll break out if the weather keeps us inside.  I've been channeling summer and ordered a tie-dye kit and some more jewelry making accessories for our mermaid-obsessed toddler. 

    Rain or shine, we'll definitely still be spending lots of time at the beach and one of the most well-loved beach toy at our house are these mini surfers.  The kids love tossing them in the waves and chasing after them as they surf back to shore.  


  • While I might not be able to break them all out this week, I picked up a couple new treats for myself which I'm excited to get lots of use of this summer:  

    • I've had a swimsuit from Youswim that I've worn prior to my last pregnancy, through my pregnancy as well as postpartum, and it still looks and fits great!  I love how it comfortably (and I think flatteringly!) adjusts to your changing body.  I just picked up another one for this summer.

    • Splurged and got myself a new straw hat from Janessa Leone.  I wanted something that would give me good sun protection, would be comfortable and lightweight enough for active days at the beach with the kiddos and that I could easily throw in my beach bag, and this hat ticked all the boxes

    • Also picked up another Peace Towel because they make me happy! 


  • Our friends recently told us about MP Specialties, a specialty grocery service that was started by one of our favorite restaurants.  I'm excited to try it out  when we and was told that the Porchetta was a must.  Looking forward to ordering it now that we can have friends over again!!   


Have a wonderful weekend (and please do a little prayer to the rain gods to spare us a bit)! 


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