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This Week's Decouvertes: Summer we see you! 😎

Bebe Ines in her Harem Pants enjoying a little stroller nap. 
  • It was 85F and sunny this week in Brooklyn and we all thoroughly enjoyed this first taste of summer!  And while I've been soaking up as much of heat as possible (with lots of sunscreen slathered on, of course!), my skin isn't use to the the heat and humidity yet.  This facial tonic is the perfect refresh after a 2-hour playground session.  It feels so soothing and refreshing on my skin and also smells delicious.   I use Marble and Milkweed's tonics everyday year-round and love to switch scents with the seasons.  


  • The kids put up some glow-in-the-dark starts on the bedroom's ceiling this week and it felt like such a childhood rite of passage! 

    • We got this set which worked great but now leaves us with way more stars than we need but below are some other options we now want to try! 

    • This beautiful little set contains constellation maps to help you recreate the night sky on your ceiling.

    • You can also easily make it a fun kid-friendly project and make your own


  • We've had a Mighty Nest subscription for a couple years now and I still love getting monthly green home product recommendations, many of which we now use regularly.   Here are a few of the things we've been using the most:

    • We got this bottle cleaning set this week which has already come in very handy to clean our kids very well-used insulated water bottles which we can't seem to quite get all the grime out of 😬. 

    • This spaghetti scrub is pretty amazing and makes cleaning up our sheet pan dinners even easier.

    • And I've always got a couple of these reusable produce bags packed up in my grocery bag!  


Have a great weekend! 


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