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This Week's Decouvertes: Time Actually Flies

The last day of school is around the corner and I've been a giant ball of emotions.  I'm so proud of how resilient and adaptable our kids have been this school year.  It makes me so happy to what them grow, discover new things and have more and more fun but I also really wish I could press pause for just a little. 

I'm also filled with gratitude for their incredible teachers and so thankful for the safe, nurturing, creative and stimulating spaces they've created for our children despite a truly challenging year.  I've been looking for end of year gifts as a small way to say a big thank you and here are some of the ideas I've had. 

  • An insulated travel mug with a gift certificate to a local coffee shop for an extra (earth-friendly!) boost of energy. 

  • A fun wine bag with a nice bottle of rose to kick off summer celebrations! 

  • A nice candle and a gift certificate for a facial or massage for a little well deserved pampering. 


We've had a hot and sticky heat wave in NYC this past few days so our kids have been spending a lot of time running around sprinklers.  I've got a tote bag filled with sprinkler-ready gear hanging by the door at all times.  Here are some of the things we always have on us: 

  • sunscreen stick to quickly apply and reapply SPF

  • A couple camp towels.  These are light, absorptive and quick to dry and are perfect little towel to travel with and to change/dry off at the playground

  • I've also always have a few of these lovely pouches to keep everything organized.  They have a water resistant lining so are also very useful to throw in wet bathing suits.


A friend just introduced me to Beau Rush Ceramics  and I'm loving their fun and colorful pieces.  I also really want to try one of their clay camps this summer!  


Have a great weekend! I'm off to nostalgically scroll through old pictures of our kids before they get home from school and I have zero personal space! 😂


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