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This Week's Decouvertes: Some things to read, watch and wear

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I'd love some new book recommendations!  I've recently read Writers and Lovers and Yolk which I really enjoyed.  I usually prefer fiction but also just read Why We Swim and it has inspired me to go for swims in the bay although I'm usually a little skittish about open water swims.   

Next book on my list is Things We Lost in the Water.   Anything else you've been loving? 


I just bought myself this dress (on sale!) and love the fabric and easy shape.  It's airy enough to wear in the summer but can also easily transition into fall. 

I've also been eyeing their home collection and love this blanket made of leftover textiles as part of their wonderful initiative to reduce waste by only using archival fabrics for all their collections this year. 


We're all really enjoying watching the Olympics and the hilarious commentary from comedian Leslie Jones makes the Games even better! 


Happy weekend! 

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