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This Week's Decouvertes: The little things

Every Friday we'll be sharing some of the little things that have inspired us, simplified our lives or just made us smile this past week. 



WHAT A WEEK!!  I think I'm quickly going to sound like a broken record because this is clearly becoming the recurring theme of I feel come every Friday.  This week's been a rollercoaster of emotions as it's fully sinking in that this is going to be the new normal for at least another month.  We're trying to really make the most of the good, accept (and allow us to feel) the bad, and just take it day by day.  


  • I've stocked up on activity books for the kids and bring a new one out every few days when we need to bring a little newness and excitement to our quarantined days.  Here are some that have kept out kids happily entertained and engaged.  We ordered many of these from one of our favorite local bookstores, Stories Bookshop.  They might be sold out of some but have lots of other great options!   
    1) This erasable coloring book because doodling is therapeutic for all and this book has the added bonus of helping us help reduce paper usage and save some trees.  
    2) This cute and kid-friendly origami book because the activities are fun to do and fun to play with after. 
    3) This book of toddler-friendly science experiments because it mostly requires basic things you can find around the house which is a must right now. 

  • This sweet series by illustrator Erin Jang has been making us smile because it's really been about the little things these days.  I was especially touched by #11 A Birthday Surprise.  It's our little guy's 5th birthday next week and it's bringing up all kinds of emotions about the passage of time, being physically separated from our loved ones, etc.  He's been talking about his birthday party non-stop for months (the theme request was Ninja Turtles/ haunted house, whatever that is!)  and while any birthday celebrations with friends + family will obviously be put on hold -- like many other major events in many people's lives right now --  we're trying to make sure the day still feels special for him.  I've been inspired by Erin's birthday celebration although I'm definitely not as crafty! 

  • I'm starting to get a little sick of my own cooking and haven't been super inspired to cook up anything special since grocery shopping can be bit of a stress-inducing experience, but weekend breakfasts are still something I've been looking forward to making!  Some things I'd like to make: This granola to have on hand all week / These classic pancakes / And because egg and cheese sandwiches are always a good idea (I like to add bacon cooked low and slow!)


Have a great weekend!  


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