To our dearest community,

We fully stand against systemic racial injustice and use of police brutality, and mourn the loss of life that has led us to where we are today.  A core value of Les Gamins has always been inclusiveness but we know there is a lot more we can do to support our Black friends + community, and we have been asking ourselves how we can channel our anger into action.   

We have spent this week listening, reading and sharing anti-racism resources we've found helpful.  We have also donated both personally and as a company to the NAACPBlack Visions Collective,  Equal Justice InitiativeThe Conscious Kid Anti-Racist Children's Book Education Fund. The Sustainable Brooklyn Rent Relief Fund and the Free Women's Library Sister Outside Relief Fund.  

Change begins at home.  And as parents, we have the honor and great responsibility to raise our children with the values we know to be right and good.  We shared a few resources in last week's newsletter but here are some more family-focused resources we've found helpful to educate both our children + ourselves.  While this is by no means an exhaustive list, we hope it's a helpful starting point and would love to hear about others you've been using. 

    We know that confronting racism has to be an ongoing commitment.  We will continue to speak out, make financial contributions, and promote diversity and inclusiveness in all aspects of our little business as well as at home. 

    With love and solidarity,

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    This Week's Decouvertes: We Are All People

    Every Friday we're sharing some of the little things that have inspired us, simplified our lives or just made us smile this past week. 


    • The acts of racism that are repeatedly taking place around us have been making us feel outraged, saddened and helpless. These days are an important time to have open discussions on race and diversity with our children.  Here are some books and resources we've found helpful or that were recommended by our community: 
    1. Talking Race With Young Children.
    2. The Conscious Kid has been a great resource that we continuously rely on to provide us with the tools to have these critical conversations 
    3. It's never too early to talk about race
    4. Children's Books with Characters of Color
    5. Here are some other children's books that specifically address racism and privilege that were recommend to us by our community:   Undefeated / Not My Idea / Something Happened in Our Town A Kids Book About Racism 
    • Currently in my cart:  Excited to check out this coloring book featuring artwork from 64 artists from around the world.   Each one drew his/her representation of hope during this challenging time and all proceeds go to benefit the Save the Children Coronavirus Relief Fund.

    • Self-care is looking a little different these days with the 3 kiddos and very little personal space but it's amazing what a long hot shower, a few minutes by myself with a good book, or a zoom catch-up with some friends (with cocktail in hand) can do for the soul.  I'm also very much looking forward to getting back to yoga.  My favorite studio has been offering pre-recorded as well as livestream classes.    And while we're talking about self-care, this article gave me a good chuckle!

    Wishing you all a relaxing + peaceful weekend,

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    This Week's Decouvertes: All Kinds of News

    I found this beautiful series by local NYC artists illustrating a snapshot of their views of our beloved city during this pandemic to be so moving.  It captures so many of the complex and conflicting emotions this quarantine has been bringing up.  It also fills me with some much love and pride for our city.   

    "The duality of support and positivity, with an undercurrent of anxiety, I think, speaks to how everyone is feeling right now." —Ariel Davis
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    This Week's Decouvertes: Giving Back

    We just wrapped up week 4 of quarantine for our family and this week was somewhat easier on morale.  Maybe it's because it supposedly takes 28 days to form a habit (is that a myth? couldn't really find anything to back it up!) or perhaps because I'm not trying to do as much, putting less pressure on trying to be overly productive with our days.  Whatever it is, one thing that has been lifting all our spirits has been staying connected with our friends + family.  As different it is from anything we were ever used to or could have imagined, family Zoom sessions to celebrate birthdays and Passover, FaceTime playdates for the kiddos and Houseparty girls' nights have been lovely ways to stay connected to our loved ones through this strange time. 

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    This Week's Decouvertes: The little things

    WHAT A WEEK!!  I think I'm quickly going to sound like a broken record because this is clearly becoming the recurring theme of I feel come every Friday.  This week's been a rollercoaster of emotions as it's fully sinking in that this is going to be the new normal for at least another month.  We're trying to really make the most of the good, accept (and allow us to feel) the bad, and just take it day by day.  

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