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This Week's Decouvertes: Transitions

Summertime flair by Momo

Summer has flown by and we're all feeling a little emotional as we go through this new period of transition.  Our kids will be done with camp this week and will have a couple more weeks of summer break before school starts, leaving us a mix of nostalgia/ excitement/ nervousness.  LaTonya Yvette beautifully captures some of the bittersweet feelings I've been having around back-to-school in this post.  


I've stocked up on a few new craft kits to keep the kids busy during the couple weeks between camp and school starting up.  The kids have really gotten into making jewelry which I'm loving!  We've gotten lots of lanyard, a rainbow loom kit and a frendship bracelet kit, and they've already provided hours of entertainment and lots of new flair.   

Zacky and Momo made bracelets for their counselors last night before the last day of camp today! <3


We haven't watched much TV in the past few months other the Olympics but have been looking for some new shows and friends have been raving about Ted Lasso and White Lotus.  This review immediately sold me on Ted Lasso.  It sounds like the perfect uplifting, feel-good show I'm craving right now. 


And we've started our back-to-school shopping and did a round-up of some of our favorite products in case you missed it!


Have a great weekend! 


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