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This Week's Decouvertes: Cookie Tins & Magazines

'tis the season for adventures!  via Illustoria Magazine

I finally got my hands on a couple tins of Bạn Bè cookies last weekend and have to say they are worth the wait!  The cookies are flaky, buttery goodness with unique South East Asian flavors including coconut pandan, black sesame ube, cà phê crunch, and tamarind cacao nib.   

I also had the opportunity to meet the amazing mama of 3 (and fellow Việt Brooklynite!) behind the brand.  She also runs the beautiful online archive called 17.21 WOMEN highlighting Asian women. 

So excited that Bạn Bè will be opening a Vietnamese-influenced bakery and coffee shop in the fall and will b
e offering chè, my favorite dessert!   


We have a few children's magazine subscriptions that our kids love and are looking to get a few more for some additional summertime diversions.  There are so many beautiful and thoughtfully-made magazines that encourage independent reading as well as provide fun and creative activities for kids.  They are also easy to carry for summer travels and who doesn't love getting mail! 

Reading my Tea Leaves has a wonderful list of engaging children's magazines.   Dot and Bravery are also very well-loved in our home and it was great to discover some new ones.  Our kids have also been enjoying their subscriptions to Nat Geo Kids and Click


It's the season for outdoor adventure and I grabbed myself some new gear to support our local beloved park (and also because it's so fun and cute!).   

We've also highlighted some of our favorite kids' books all about the great outdoors which are saved in our Family Guides highlights.  


Summer break has officially kicked off in NYC.  Congratulations to all the little graduates! 



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