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Three under 5 has not stopped Rebecca from making sure her little crew is going on plenty of adventures.  You can often find this adorable family camping, taking the crew out for a hike, or hanging out at the local beaches.   Rebecca shared some of her thoughts on parenthood and her amazing summer plans!  Check out her full interview below.

What city do you call home?

Santa Ana, CA

Who's in your family?

Ben (husband), Wyatt 5, Hazel 3, Poppy 4 months

Tell us briefly about your path to parenthood.

Growing up all I wanted was to be a mom. Literally begged my poor mom to have more kids haha. We had a rocky start when my first pregnancy ended in an early miscarriage, which was one of the hardest things I’ve ever gone through, especially newly married. But it was a beautiful and growing time as well, and shortly after that we had three healthy babies in quick succession. It’s all been so much bigger and harder and more amazing than I ever imagined, and I’m so grateful for every single bit.


What are some of your favorite qualities in your kids?

Oh gosh, they are the best. I mean they are insane, Hazel cries because her toast is “too crazy”, whatever that means haha! But Wyatt is so smart, always fixing things (or breaking them so he can fix them) and always curious.  It’s incredible to see him discovering the world. Hazel is one of the strongest and most fearless people I’ve ever met in my life.  She’s this tiny three year old who will scale walls and jump off the highest thing she can find.  And Poppy brings so much joy, she is always looking around for a face to smile and giggle at.  I look at them all and my heart just bursts with how blessed I am.

What are some of the biggest challenges, or what makes you most nervous, about parenthood?

Seeing the big picture can make me nervous. I’m good at the details, the daily moments that are either highs or lows and I can enjoy them and stay present.  But I have babies and I really struggle with the thought of them becoming preteens and teenagers. It freaks me out to think they will probably be taller than me haha. Just praying that these formative years will produce kind, brave adults.

What's the best or most useful advice you've received about being a parent?

Park near the cart drop off, not near the front of the store! 

What piece of advice would you offer a new parent?

Don’t ever ever ever EVER let someone else make you feel bad for holding or wearing or nursing or playing or sleeping with, or any other “baby thing”-ing your kids too much. They are little for SUCH a short time, they will eventually leave your bed, stop nursing, whatever it is. It’s a magical time that is too short to waste feeling guilty about being there for your child. (But if you want to stop and it’s the right move for you and your family, that’s absolutely ok too). 

Tell us about your summer plans with your family.

We’ve got a lot going on this year that we’re excited about! In April we’re traveling to Portland, Oregon to visit family. In May we’re taking a road trip up the coast to stay in Cambria and visit Big Sur.  In June, we’re going to a family camp in Idyllwild... and hopefully one or two more camping trips after that!

What are your favorite outdoor activities with your kids?

We are lucky enough to live by the beach, so we spend a lot of time there. It’s Wyatt’s favorite. We love hiking too, as much as you can hike with little ones but we usually go out at least weekly so they get lots of practice! All the rain we’ve had this year has made the hills just absolutely beautiful and we’re soaking it up.

What's next on your adventure wishlist?

So many things! We need to narrow it down and start saving but i’d love to go to Japan, Mexico or Iceland in the next few years.

Are there any adventures you wish you did earlier in life and vow to introduce your child to?

We didn’t travel too much as kids except for a camping trip here and there. I didn’t fly until I was 13 but my older two have already been to Europe!  I’m excited to share my love of travel and adventure with them.  I think it creates such an amazing bond as a family and I'd love for them to experience first hand how big and varied this beautiful world is.

What's your best piece of advice to instill a strong sense of adventure in children?

Stay out of their way, haha. I know every child is different, but my kids definitely have all the adventure sense they need, and so I make sure to give them the space they need to push themselves if they want to. Kids are way more capable than we think they are!



‘til our next adventure.


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