En Famille: Play Outdoors With Andrea Ochoa

Andrea has been taking her adorable 1.5 year old daughter Scout out on adventures since she was born (she even has her own hashtag #scoutseestheworld!).  Andrea shared some of her thoughts on parenthood and some great advice on how to instill a strong sense of adventure in children.  Check out her full interview below.

little girl in a field

What city do you call home?

Riverside, CA

Who's in your family?

Gabe (34) Andrea (30) Scout (1.5) and our four pups!

mom and baby girl by the water
Tell us briefly about your path to parenthood.

Gabe and I waited a long time to have kids. We had lots of pressure over the years to start a family and were more interested in traveling instead because we thought that having both would makes things super difficult. But then we got pregnant by surprise and now we wonder why we waited so long! Scout goes on adventures with us and it makes travel that much more sweet.

What are some of your favorite qualities in Scout?

Scout is curious, sweet, and a total extrovert— the exact opposite of her parents haha.

Tell us the story behind your children's name(s)!

Gabe and I both love the novel, To Kill a Mockingbird, and as a young girl I always admired and saw myself in the narrator whose name is also Scout — I found her to be courageous, adventurous, and thoughtful. When we were discussing names and Scout came up we knew it was the perfect name to represent the qualities we hoped to foster in our daughter.

How has life changed for you since becoming a parent, both the good and the bad?

It has forced me to slow down and live in the moment more.

mom and baby daughter having a picnic

What was the biggest surprise to you about having a child?

That I love it so much! I always thought of myself as much more of a dog person and not a baby person but man I love being a mom!

What excites you most about parenthood?

Showing Scout the beauty that exists in the world and doing things with her that I was never able to do growing up.

What are some of the biggest challenges, or what makes you most nervous, about parenthood?

I sometimes worry that how I am as a parent might not be the best thing for her. Will I screw up? As a high school counselor, I know firsthand the way kids are affected by different parenting styles and it really freaks me out!

How would you describe your parenting style?

I would say I am more on the relaxed end of the spectrum but that could be totally inaccurate depending upon who you ask! haha

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What's the best or most useful advice you've received about being a parent?

That kids don’t need a whole lot of stuff— just love them!

What piece of advice would you offer a new parent?

Take it all one day at a time!

little girl on a picnic blanket

Tell us about your summer plans with your family.

This summer we are going to Europe with my siblings. My sister graduates from college and it was our gift to her. I am nervous about taking a toddler on such a long flight, but I feel like the memories we will make there will be worth whatever meltdowns we will have to endure on the plane ride over.

What are your favorite outdoor activities with your kids?

We love simple things like going to the park, taking walks around our neighborhood, or just hanging out in our yard. A couple of times a year we try to visit national parks and spend more quality time in nature.

What are some of your favorite things about your city?

We love that we are so close to everything. The mountains, beach, and desert are all within an hour reach or less.

What are your kid's favorite adventures?

Scout loves to run around! She doesn’t care when she is as long as she can go, go, go!

What's next on your adventure wishlist?

I would love to go to Kauai. Scout loves the beach and I want to go hiking and see the beautiful terrain.

little girl out in a field
What's your best piece of advice to instill a strong sense of adventure in children?

I hope that Scout learns to be protective of and care for nature and the world around us. I think it is especially important in the current political climate. Nature must be preserved, protected, and appreciated so that we can have adventures with our kids. In order to instill these values, we need to take them out into the world to experience and see this beauty firsthand. It is my hope that by doing this, she will feel connected to the earth and share these same values.




‘til our next adventure.


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